cleargoblet Clear Goblets etc.

Flower like
2004 Oct 22-Nov21
Forum Art Shop Exhibition Space /Tokyo

2002/Nov. gallery Tao

This is a two persons show with Etsuko Tashima who is ceramic artist who is using ceramic amd glass.

2002/July gallery Kandori

I made series of small vase like forms in many form and colors.

2002/ colored cups

Bigining of my small colored vessel series.cups with hadle like objects.

2001/May Savoir Vivre

Colors 2001

2000/April Tamura Gallely

1999/Dec chappell gallery

1999/Dec Seto ceramic and glass art center

1997/Oct masuda studio

1999/July nanorium
1997/July nanorium
1997/Dec contemporary art niki
sandblasted vessel forms 85-92
Arc Series 87-92
gold worms etc.
clear vessels 92-
clear vessels 2001-
hollow group 2002