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Tomatoes are the most popular vegetable in the world. In Greece they are eaten in especially high quantities.There are lots of people in Japan who like tomatoes. However, they are only produced in small quantities in Japan. In countries where tomatoes are eaten in large quantities they are often cooked before eating. In Japan, they are more often than not eaten in salads so are not consumed in such large amounts.There is a saying that "when tomatoes turn red doctors turn green".Therefore, it is known from long ago that tomatoes are a high source of nutrition.

Main Nutritional components.

The red color comes from the licopin which is a form of carotin. This has some preventative qualities against cancer. The acidity of tomatoes increases the digestive strength of the stomach so having a settling effect. Also, the fibre content lowers cholesteral levels and the vitamin C content beautifies the skin.

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