Max for Live Devices

Even if you don't own MAX or Ableton Live, you can download demo version of Live Suite here.
It's free for 90 days with all functions including Max for Live!! (as of April 2020)
Checked operational properly only for Ableton Live 9.7.7, MAX 6.1.7 or 7.3.5 on Windows 10 (1909).
Please post a comment or notify the author if the device works or doesn't on macOS, or has any inconveniences.

Max やAbleton Live をお持ちでない場合でも、こちらからLive Suite のデモ版をダウンロードできます。
なんと90日間無料でMax for Live を含む全ての機能が使えます!! (2020年4月時点)
Abeton Live 9.7.7、MAX 6.1.7 または7.3.5、Windows 10 (1909) でのみ正常動作を確認しています。


Download at

Yet another simple monophonic drum synth.

sound examples

Special thanks to Mr. Tommy, the great predecessor who developed SDS2002.


製作にあたりSDS2002 (既にダウンロード不可) を大いに参考にさせて頂きました。開発されたTommy氏に感謝致します。

echo on noteoff

Download at

An experimental MIDI effect designed for notes in an arpeggio.
Put before built-in arpeggiator to acquire decaying effects in arpeggio notes!

Suitable for sequenced tracks not for manually inputs;
due to some VSTi or MIDI instruments carry on preceding MIDI note's velocity during continuous notes,
echoes may not be decayed or a new MIDI note may sounds low.
Sometimes other pitch notes' velocity may be carried in mono mode.
Setting Delay about 40 msec may resolve these issues.
Press Reset to stop all MIDI notes.


VSTiやMIDI音源によっては、連続して発音すると直前のMIDIノートのヴェロシティを引き継ぐため、エコー効果が得られずノートが継続するだけになったり、新しいMIDI ノートのヴェロシティが小さくなる場合があります。

bouncing notes

Creative Commons License
Download at

While note on, generates repeating notes like bouncing table-tennis ball with dynamic display animation.
Simulates bounces from the levitation-ish on the Moon to fierce conditions of 60G.
And available in polyphonic!


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