pse QSL

update 2018.01.01.
Please QSL

Notice !
JA6AHB was QSY from PM51 to PM53 with the same call sign as 1999.6.1.

Hello to all my EME frends,

The QSL card of following was not reached still to me.
I think that it is shipped from you, although ,
 It has not arrived for some reasons.

About it, I am very sorry,
I would like you to ship a QSL card again and I need your help here.

Call sign and other data is here
NO QSL order call 20180419.htm

I welcome QSL card written to the postcard by your hand

My postal address :-
 same as

Toshio Tanaka,JA6AHB
Halekulea 204,Susenji 2-13-57,

Of course, my card is ending with dispatch altogether

If my qsl card was not reached to you, please tell me about that by e-mail.

I am praying that I would like to pass a way to the Moon,
after doing the duty of the last as a ham learned from the senior.

The senior of our HAM said in this way.
QSO of a ham is completed with the perfect exchange of a QSL card
proving there having been the QSO.

The person that I do not have the money for which a common QSL card is exchanged
thinks that there is no qualification for speaking about KING OF HOBBY.
(Except for the cases of being special, such as expedition)

Moreover, the one where our QSO is more uncertain should have a look here

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